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Our exhibit pairs the nostalgic moments of our culture with affirmations of self-love.

The Black Hair Experience is an interactive space that combines a pop-up art exhibit and a series of photo spaces. We produce events and experiences centered on celebrating the beauty of Black hair, beauty, and culture.

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a celebration of black hair AND 

Experience the Black Girl Magic Playground

upcoming events:

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SEPTEMBER 28th, TBHE Atlanta

1540 Avenue Pl, Suite C-180, Atlanta, GA 30329

Join us for a dinner event celebrating Black Women while wearing shades of brown.  Your ticket includes: admission to TBHE, Dinner with cocktails, wine, and dessert, a full sized gift bag with products from your favorite brands, networking and connections, and more.






   While The Black Hair Experience is most known for creating events and experiences we are so much more than selfies. 


We connect with our community in a host of ways but our largest effort is through our WeCare workshop we created.  We developed a 4 hour workshop that centers around haircare, self identity, self love, and fostering friendships for school aged girls.  This workshop is offered to community organizations, youth groups, and schools and is offered inside of our locations.  These workshops impact lives because it aids in reshaping the way we see ourselves and how our experiences are celebrated.

This interactive exhibit is EVERYTHING! The designing curators did an amazing job capturing truly the complete essence of the "Black Hair Experience".


The Black Hair Experience Presents:

Crazy Hair Stories

Crazy Hair Stories EP 1
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